PokerStars Opens Its Doors

PokerStars Opens Its Doors

Monday, 11 August 2014

PokerStars has released a short film for those that have ever wondered what really goes on behind the closed doors of its headquarters.

Dubbed an ‘exclusive look behind-the-scenes’ by the online poker site’s blogging team, the video takes a whistle-stop tour of PokerStars’ recently-purchased property on the Isle of Man.

In essence, the film is part sneak peek for players and part advert for how safe PokerStars really is and covers the operator’s communications department, the server room (which looks like something out of a movie) and, importantly, the wealth of secure gaming features.

While it's unlikely that global online poker regulators including those in the United States will put too much stock in the video, it certainly won't do the company's brand image any harm.

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