PokerStars Introduce Badugi

PokerStars Introduce Badugi

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Badugi is an ancient Asian game quite similar to lowball where players aim to make a hand consisting of four low cards with all different suits – this is called a Badugi. This means that a hand such as As-2c-3d-4h is the best possible Badugi hand. There are three drawing rounds, much like triple draw poker.

PokerStars are now offering this classic game in both tournament and sit ‘n’ go format. The higher-rolling players so far haven’t shown much interest but there’s been a decent amount of action at the lower limit tables with a $2.20 MTT attracting 112 players.

At a $5.50 buy-in, nine-handed SnG today, PokerStars player “MDXS” was playing the game for the first time and was chip leader with four players left.

“It’s nice to have something different,” he said. Both he and “aaa222xx,” another first-timer to the game, said they would very likely play again. Of course, it helps that they both made the money.

It will be interesting to see how the game fares – DoylesRoom provided Badugi but then withdrew it due to a lack of customer interest. However, PokerStars seem to be doing their utmost to ensure people play Badugi.

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