PokerStars Hosts 900 Millionth Game

PokerStars Hosts 900 Millionth Game

Monday, 28 April 2014

The landmark 900 millionth multi-table tournament game hosted by PokerStars took place last night and saw UK player Dan ‘judgedredd13’ Charlton walk away more than $150,000 richer following a three-way deal.

The young British grinder is a familiar face on the European circuit and yesterday evening found himself just a few bets away from history in PokerStars’ 900 millionth tournament.

Concluding more than a week's worth of special events, tournament #900 million offered players a $1 million guarantee alongside a slew of special prizes for an entry fee of just $109.

In total, 18,711 entrants leapt at the chance to win a slice of the cash pie, which meant that the total prize pool ballooned to $1,871,100 by the time late registration came to a close.

The early action saw a variety of spot prizes handed out ranging from $300 in cash to free Sunday Million entries but when the final nine was finally formed it was Charlton who dominated.

Along with 'earlygrey23' and 'PaPakwanto', Charlton helped clear away the deadwood and by the time Australia's 'djwilo' had been eliminated in fourth place the three remaining players decided to cut a deal.

After agreeing to an independent chip model (ICM) split that left leader 'PaPakwanto' with the biggest cut, the trio resumed their battle with pride and not cash at stake.

Unfortunately, Charlton’s run ended in third when his As 2d wasn't able to overcome the Ac 8s held by 'PaPakwanto'. With just two competitors left and only the title to play for, the action didn't last for long and within 15 minutes Canada's 'earlgrey23' was able to etch his name into PokerStars' history books after his Kd 8h hit top pair to beat his opponent's Ad Qc.

PokerStars Tournament #900 Million Result:

1. ‘earlgrey23’ - $152,532

2. ‘PaPakwanto’ - $176,278

3. Dan ‘judgedredd13’ Charlton - $153,681

4. ‘djwilo’ - $84,199

5. ‘ilstmfkraliv’ - $65,488

6. ‘tatasanjuan’ - $46,777

7. ‘acehighdro’ - $28,066

8. ‘mikulita’ - $16,839

9. ‘MCRez’ - $11,226

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