PokerStars Go For World Record Attempt

PokerStars Go For World Record Attempt

Friday, 19 December 2008

Obviously the tournament organisers at PokerStars got a bit bored and decided to break their own record. Previously the Guinness World Records entry for ‘largest ever online poker tournament’ was one week of the $11 Sunday Hundred Grand which was capped at 20,000 players.

Now the site is going for glory with an $11 tournament capped at 35,000 players. With a massive prize pool overlay of over $100,000 they should have no problem getting a slice of their millions of players to enter.

The huge number of entrants planned for makes it necessary to be run as a "turbo" event, with ten-minute levels and ten players per table. So far, over 3,500 players have registered for the tournament.

Interested players can search for the event by its tournament number (#126551369), or look for it by selecting the "Tournaments" and "Special" tabs from the main PokerStars lobby. Should you have an incredible amount of luck and actually win the behemoth, you’ll get yourself a cool $30,000.

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