PokerStars EPT Snowfest reaches Day 2

PokerStars EPT Snowfest reaches Day 2

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The PokerStars European Poker Tour Snowfest saw a hoarde of top players flock to the Austrian Alps. Of the 546 that entered the tournament, only 259 still have chips on felt after two opening days.

A prize pool of €1,853,680 was created from the entries which leaves a first prize of €445,000 for the eventual winner. Of the 27 PokerStars Pros that entered there are still several in the running.

Luca Pagano enjoyed a good day, receiving a last-minute boost to his chip stack when he eliminated Boris Becker in the last few minutes of the tournament. The overall chip leader is German player David Wintersberger, who racked up an impressive stack of 292,000.

Join us throughout the week for updates on the €3,750 tournament sponsored by PokerStars. This one won’t get robbed, either – promise.

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