PokerStars EPT Prague Day 1a – Vedizizhev Beslan leads

PokerStars EPT Prague Day 1a – Vedizizhev Beslan leads

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The 2011 PokerStars EPT Prague drew a Day 1a field of 234 players; almost 100 of them will not return and hit the rail €5,300 lighter. However, 140 survivors will return with the Day 1b remnants on Wednesday.

Leading the way is Vedzizhev Beslan, who racked up 132,200 chips over the course of Day 1a. Other big names bearing chips include Chris Moorman, James Akenhead and Eoghan O’Dea. Those bearing PokerStars spades on Day 2 are Pat Pezzin, Theo Jorgensen, Martin Staszko and Michael Keiner.

Day 1b starts at lunchtime today – we can expect to see the two previous Main Event champions, Pius Heinz and Jonathan Duhamel, at the felt as well as defending EPT Prague champion Roberto Romanello.

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