PokerStars Creates Another Millionaire

PokerStars Creates Another Millionaire

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Spin & Go tournaments from PokerStars have awarded yet another player with $1 million in cash.

The tournaments are marking their one-year anniversary this month with PokerStars introducing number of birthday bonuses for players with one of these a slew of jackpots worth $1 million.

Offered to players at three buy-in levels ($0.50, $5 and $100), the $1 million jackpots can strike at any time and one of these times occurred on October 25 at 2:58am London time.

After paying $5 to sit down against two other opponents, a UK-based player known as 'prophethicks' saw the prize pool meter spin up to $1 million with the rail exploding with excitement.

With the eighth Spin & Go millionaire about to be crowned, 'prophethicks' was just a few bets away from a life-changing win but didn't let the opportunity slip through their hands.

After watching 'snagon-nl' from The Netherlands exit in third, 'prophethicks' wasted little time in dispatching with Romania's 'BARCA1CRIS'. A few jabs from the British player eventually led to a knockout blow with As 6h. With his opponent holding Kd Jc, 'prophethicks' was able to secure the biggest win of his career after the board didn't alter the pre-flop odds.

Following the conclusion of the event, PokerStars was quick to alert the community and outline how it has now created eight millionaires through its lottery-style tournaments.

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