PokerStars Could Return to US

PokerStars Could Return to US

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

PokerStars' long awaited return to the US could take place as early as March 2015 according to New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak.

Following a fresh round of speculation regarding when, or indeed if, PokerStars would be able to gain a licence in the State of New Jersey, Lesniak decided to tweet his prediction when asked by OPR writer, Chris Grover.

Although Lesniak isn't a complete authority on the issue, he was instrumental in helping to pass online poker regulation in New Jersey and has been closely connected to the PokerStars case since 2014.

In fact, unlike other predictions he's made in the past, this one seems to be backed up by other industry experts, including Adam Krejcik of Eilers Research.

In his recent preview to 2015, the stats expert stated that the chances of PokerStars' entering the Garden State in 2015 are greater than 50%. This, plus the recent Twitter comment by Lesniak, has given supporters of the site a renewed hope for the coming months.

However, as the US online poker market has show us over the past few months, anything is possible and even PokerStars does have a deal to go live in March, that could change in a heartbeat. Of course, if the prediction does prove to be accurate, then it could help transform the US igaming economy.

Although the industry has shown a certain amount of resilience in Year One, the positive impact a brand such as PokerStars could have on the market would be huge. Although Black Friday pushed PokerStars out of the public's perception, the brand will still resonate with many punters and could easily spark a new wave of interest across regulated states in the US.

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