PokerStars Considers Casino Games

PokerStars Considers Casino Games

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

PokerStars could soon be integrating casino games and sports betting according to David Baazov.

During a recent conference call, the head of Amaya Gaming and, therefore, the man in charge of PokerStars, explained that these new verticals were on the horizon and something that players are keen to try.

Not only that, but Baazov believes that casino games and sports betting facilities will help improve the liquidity of PokerStars across all territories.

Citing a drop in traffic during the World Cup (but a rise in action during halftime breaks) as justification, Baazov stated that sports betting is a target for at least one of Amaya's poker sites in 2015.

The other interesting announcement was that casino games will be added to PokerStars' Spanish and Italian platforms in the coming months and possibly even more platforms in 2015.

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