PokerStars Completes Casino Purchase

PokerStars Completes Casino Purchase

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Back at the start of December news began to surface that PokerStars was in the middle of talks to purchase a brick and mortar casino in Atlantic City: The Atlantic Club.

That negotiation period has now come to a close and, according to a statement given to PokerFuse, the acquisition is complete.

Although there are some final legal requirements to be fulfilled before PokerStars officially takes over the property – namely the grant of an Interim Casino Authorization by the state of New Jersey – it’s virtually a done deal.

The takeover by PokerStars is not only unprecedented in the online poker industry, but one that will secure around 2,000 jobs and help boost the local economy.

Such a positive move can’t help but be looked upon favourably by both residents and government officials in the area. Indeed, with the online poker industry still looking for a way to re-establish itself in the US, this type of move could prove highly beneficial.

PokerStars now owns a stake in two live venues: London’s Hippodrome Casino and The Atlantic Club Casino. Such an estate now makes them major players in both the poker and casino industry.

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