PokerStars Changes Affiliate Deals

PokerStars Changes Affiliate Deals

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Affiliates of PokerStars will soon feel the pinch after the operator announced a change to the way it hands out payments. The traditional model for poker affiliates centred on two revenue share policies: CPA (a single payment per player recruited) and revenue share (a cut of the rake a player generates).

For years the latter option has been popular with major affiliates because it can be worth thousands of dollars each year, however, PokerStars has now decided to limit the reach of these deals. In a recent email to affiliates, PokerStars announced that deals will be limited to two years.

"We believe that this change will ensure that the PokerStars affiliate program rewards affiliates who join PokerStars in introducing the game to new audiences, rather than the current program which disproportionately pays affiliates for rake generated by existing players," read the email from PokerStars.

This means that any player recruited before June 1, 2013, will no longer be eligible for revenue share payments under the new terms. This change of policy, which comes into effect on June 1, will mean that affiliates will now need to adjust the way they work with PokerStars. Moreover, they'll need to factor in that a player's "use" in a business sense, will only last for two years.

From PokerStars' perspective, the new deal is a way to divert funds into other areas of the business to help it grow into new markets and different regions.

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