PokerStars Becomes Twice as Good

PokerStars Becomes Twice as Good

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

PokerStars has been busy innovating in the last few days with the official release of one new product and the potential release of another.

The first update to make an appearance in the main gaming lobby last week was a “run it twice” feature. Having been introduced at a single table, PokerStars pushed this update further on Tuesday by allowing players to enable the feature on their table settings.

Dealing the turn and river again became popular thanks to High Stakes Poker a few years ago and since then there have been two instances of it in the virtual world. The Merge Network first trailed the feature in 2008, but it wasn’t until Full Tilt upgraded their software in 20009 that it became popular.

The move clearly shows PokerStars’ desire to adopt all that was good with Full Tilt’s software before their faux rival re-launches on November 6th.

The other interesting feature that appears to be under construction is Zoom tournaments. Although there are currently no games of this type running, players can now filter their MTTs under this option.

While there has been no official word from the company on this product, the inclusion of the filter is a sure sign that, at the very least, PokerStars are looking to include a similar fast-fold tournament provision to that seen at Full Tilt.

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