PokerStars 7 Goes Live

PokerStars 7 Goes Live

Friday, 7 November 2014

PokerStars has finally launched its new software dubbed, PokerStars 7. After an extended period of beta testing during which players could opt-in to test the new platform, the new lobby has now been pushed to all new and existing players.

Although somewhat different to its predecessor, PokerStars 7 looks to be a more dynamic approach to poker lobbies. In addition to tackling the ever-annoying issue of table jumps (where the tables move around before you click them), PokerStars 7 will feature news feeds, player specific data and advanced filters.

Commenting on the site's latest upgrade, PokerStars' Lee Jones said:

"I have been using PS7 since it first peeked out of the development shop and it's a joy to use. Like all good software, this product has been through the wringer before we’ve made it the default for our customers. That means that all the unusual configurations and settings have been tested – when you fire up PS7 you’ll be running on a solid, well-tested piece of software."

As of this week all shared liquidity players on .com and .eu will have PokerStars 7 as their default lobby. However, for those that prefer the old set-up, a single click of a button will take the software back to its previous state.

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