PokerStars 50,000,000,000th hand to be dealt today

PokerStars 50,000,000,000th hand to be dealt today

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

In February, PokerStars dealt their 40,000,000,000th (that’s forty billion, folks) hand at the tables; now just eight months later we are anticipating the 50th. For most of this month, players have been winning big prizes left right and centre every millionth hand. They receive $50 for each VPP earned in the past 50 hands (the winner gets $500 extra); we’ve seen some awards touching five figures.

Now the big one approaches; this morning they were on hand number 49,990,000,000 and 290 players had already benefited from the prizes. On the fifty billionth hand itself, however, the players receive a whopping $500 for each VPP earned in the past 50 hands and the winner of the hand will get $50,000,000.

PokerStars released a statement on their blog this morning, claiming that “excitement will reach fever pitch later as the 50 billionth hand gets close, with players flocking to the tables for their chance at the big money. When the big hand arrives, action will be paused to allowed thousands upon thousands of railers to settle down and watch the action.”

Today is the day, so if you have time to grind open up as many PokerStars tables as you can possibly play.

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