Poker’s Football Appearance

Poker’s Football Appearance

Friday, 11 January 2013

While online poker sites have long had advertising slots on TV channels across the UK and Europe, the game is now set to appear on Sky Sports thanks to trivia/ poker site, Texas Ask’em.

The website has created a unique twist to the traditional game of poker by adding a trivia element to it.

Indeed, each game requires players to answer a question before any cards are dealt. The player who gives the correct answer in the fastest time is automatically dealt the best starting hand from a random selection of cards. At this point the play then switches to traditional Texas Hold’em and the players compete for each other's chips.

The game has grown in popularity recently, with more recreational players joining the site. This has prompted the company to sponsor the match ball at AFC Wimbledon’s forthcoming match against Port Vale. Kicking off on January 24th, the match will feature Texas Ask’em branding that will be seen both inside the stadium and to those watching on Sky Sports.

While the game may not appeal to hardcore poker players, the relaxed approach to the game is certainly something that’s attracted casual players. Moreover, with mass media TV coverage it’s hoped that this recent sponsorship deal will not only attract people to Texas Ask’em but poker in general, thus boosting the game’s European economy.

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