Poker in Sweden Deemed a Game of Skill.

Poker in Sweden Deemed a Game of Skill.

Monday, 18 May 2009

We were under the impression that in Scandinavia, poker wasn’t a game of skill but simply a competition to see who could raise more times than any other irrespective of cards. Well, apparently not.

"Now anyone can set up a well organized live tournament and compete with Casino Cosmopol," claims Swedish poker expert Dan Glimne to the Swedish newspaper Expressen. Casino Cosmopol is the government-owned casino monopoly in the country.

Dan Glimne (in the picture) acted as an expert witness for the defence in the case, which is about a live tournament organized in 2007 in Grebbestad and sponsored by The police shut down the operation as it was apparently in breach of Sweden’s gaming laws.

Håkan Hallstedt, head of the Lotteriinspektionen which oversees gambling in Sweden, does not share Dan Glimne's enthusiasm about the decision. "Other countries see poker as a game of chance," he states. "We will have to review this ruling and decide what the consequences are."

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