Poker for Property

Poker for Property

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

For many people in the poker industry it’s a great game and one that we champion as a vehicle for intellectual and strategic good. However, one Chinese businessman seems to have found a less salubrious way to use poker.

According to an article in the Financial Times, a Chinese property developer has developed a system of bribing political figures through high stakes poker games. Due to high taxes demanded by China’s government officials, the property developer has found a way to get around the system by setting up a high stakes poker game for some influential people.

Plied with free drink and given the option to play on credit, the Chinese well-connected officials are greeted by the property developer who enjoys a toast and few rounds of poker with them before exiting and leaving a poker pro in his place.

At this point the host informs his representative which player to intentionally lose money to and he exits the game. From there he can rest assured that the person he wants to bung some cash to is taken care of and the wheels of development keep ticking over smoothly.

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