Poker dealer makes presidential bid

Poker dealer makes presidential bid

Friday, 5 October 2012

As long shots go this one makes a one outer on the river look like a sure thing. Professional poker dealer David Goossen is taking a stab at the US presidency.

We won't see Goossen in any televised debates or in much of the media but the 48-year-old will be staking his claim on the White House as a write in candidate in the state of Rhode Island.

Goossen, who has no party allegiance and doesn't collect campaign contributions, is aiming to win over voters disillusioned with the current political system. “You can use a good poker analogy in politics,” he said in a recent interview with “They’re all at the game, they’re all going against each other, but when they’re away from the game, they’re all friends.”

His policies include replacing all current taxes with an 18 percent consumption but there's no mention of anything relating to the legalisation of online poker.

Formerly a dealer in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and now based in Florida, Goossen hopes to collect 10,000 votes.

We like our chances of hitting that one outer slightly better.

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