Poker coach announces 28-day “grindathon”.

Poker coach announces 28-day “grindathon”.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

It’s always nice to see poker players giving something back and Limit Hold ‘em deity Paul “GiantBuddha” Hoppe is taking time out from crushing the mid-stakes games online to donate to charities.

Well, that’s not strictly true – he’ll still be crushing the games. In fact, that’s the point. Hoppe will be engaging in a 28-day grindathon – 160,000 hands, 400 hours and 250,000 PokerStars VPPs. That’s a knackering 14 hours of poker – Limit poker, no less – each day. And they say professional poker isn’t work…

Hoppe, who coaches at video training site DragTheBar, will be taking pledges on his “sponsored grind”. Should he fall short of his total or leave his apartment in the 28-day period he will pay out 100 times the pledges. Do both and he pays 200.

Players can pick from either autism or cancer charities, as well as the Poker Players’ Alliance and a private charity supporting a family of four Hoppe knows – their father is undergoing treatment for kidney cancer and one child is autistic.

Pledges can be sent via e-mail or private message on DragTheBar. The address is The biggest donor receives one year’s free membership to DragTheBar, which features coaches such as Dusty “leatherass” Schmidt and Matt Bolt.

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