Poker Robber Gets Five Years

Poker Robber Gets Five Years

Friday, 6 November 2015

A man in the United States has been sentenced to five years behind bars after he admitted to robbing a triumphant poker player of $5,000.

Cecil Hunte of Laurelton, New York, robbed the unidentified winner in September of 2013 before being condemned to a year in prison on charges of resisting arrest. Rather than serve this sentence, the 27-year-old subsequently fled for California before being re-arrested in the summer of 2014.

The original episode took place in Stamford, Connecticut, and saw Hunte and an accomplice later identified as Frank Douglas approach the poker player in the early hours of September 24, 2013, with a gun. Hunte then pistol-whipped the unfortunate winner before robbing him of his winnings and mobile phone.

According to a report from the Stamford Advocate newspaper, Hunte has agreed to a plea deal that will see him serve five years in prison alongside a similar period on parole.

“I apologise for what I did,” Hunte reportedly told Connecticut Superior Court Judge Auden Grogins.

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