Poker Pro has $400K Stolen from his House

Poker Pro has $400K Stolen from his House

Monday, 2 February 2015

Over the years there have been countless stories of poker players being less than careful with their cash, but this weekend another player found out the hard way that keeping casino chips at home isn't a good idea.

Although the player hasn't been identified, high stakes pro, Daniel Alaei, tweeted that a friend of his had $400,000 in casino chips stolen from his house.

The message was later posted on 2+2 and explained that the chips were a combination of denominations from casinos in Las Vegas and LA and that anyone with information should contact the LAPD.

One helpful follower informed Alaei that most Vegas casino chips have RFID transmitters in (although this may only be the case with some chips), so he should be able to track them through the casinos.

However, in among the condolences, a number of posters were keen to ask why the friend had so much money in his house. Not only that, but many assumed the cash wasn't being kept in a safe which left them dumbfounded.

As yet Alaei hasn't posted any further information about the incident which suggests that the cash still hasn't been retrieved.

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