Poker Playing Footballer's Hot Tub Fire

Poker Playing Footballer's Hot Tub Fire

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's the strangest thing that could happen to a professional footballer enjoying a poker game with pals? How about his hot tub catching fire!

That bizarre fate befell Manchester United defender Chris Smalling. Firefighters were called to 25-year-old's Altrincham home shortly after he tweeted a picture of his poker night.

According to Greater Manchester Fire Service, “Police were in the area when they spotted smoke and reported a fire to our control centre. When we arrived it was quite a large fire involving a whirlpool bath and decking, which could have easily become something more serious.”

“The police officers who were at the scene used a garden hose on the fire and when we arrived we extinguished it using a hose reel. The most likely cause was an accidental electrical fault.”

Lads Night! #pokernight #championsleague

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Poker-playing footballers have been much in the news over recent weeks. Barcelona striker Neymar joined the pro team at PokerStars and Cristiano was snapped playing a home game.

Image courtesy of Andrea Sartorati/ Wikipedia

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