Poker Players' Benevolence Shines

Poker Players' Benevolence Shines

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Poker players showed their benevolent sides once again recently with two separate donations totalling almost $100,000.

Despite some factions of the general public thinking poker players are greedy swindlers (we obviously know this isn't true), Andre Coimbra and Bernard Lee both proved that the game can be used to do a lot of good in this world.

PokerStars Team Online member Coimbra recently blogged about his recent efforts to buy a special needs charity a new specially equipped van. Entitled "My New Van", the blog outlines how Coimbra spun a $100 bankroll into $70,000, which he then donated to APPACDM.

The details of his efforts came as Bernard Lee and his associates also did their bit for charity by donating at least $10,000 each to organisations that help underprivileged children. Funded through his program, Full House Charity, the donations this year are said to have helped more than 75 children enjoy a Christmas they otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

Joining the recent charity drive by players was Marco Valerio. After learning of the demise of Ultimate Poker in Nevada and New Jersey, Valerio decided to ask players for the cheques the withdrawal cheques they received from the company.

After dozens of players jumped on board with the idea, Valerio counted more than $3,000 which will now be distributed to a selection of worthy causes.

Image courtesy of PokerStars blog.

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