Poker Player Who Left $300,00 in Las Vegas Cab Leaves Hefty Tip

Poker Player Who Left $300,00 in Las Vegas Cab Leaves Hefty Tip

Monday, 30 December 2013

A Las Vegas taxi driver got more of a fare than he bargained for last week after a forgetful poker pro left a stack of cash worth $300,000 in the back of his car.

According to a news report from CNN, Gerardo Gamboa was somewhat surprised after the well-known player headed off into the distance without his package; however, he had no intention of keeping the money.

Despite the Christmas period leaving a dent in his pocket, the driver said that his "dignity is not for sale" and the first thing he wanted to do was take the package to his dispatcher.

As yet the 28-year-old professional player hadn't been named, but the likes of Dan Fleyshman did tease that he knew the player in question and hinted that it could be recent WSOP Main Event runner-up, Jay Farber.

The money and the pro were eventually reunited and after the incident the driver's taxi company, Yellow Check Star, gave him a $1,000 reward as well as a steak dinner for two. It's also been reported that the professional player was keen to give Gamboa an additional reward for his honesty and handed him a bundle of cash worth $10,000.

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