Poker Player Jailed on Drug Charges

Poker Player Jailed on Drug Charges

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A professional poker player and gambler from the UK has been jailed for three years after leading a Walter White style life in his spare time.

According to a report by Wales Online, Michael Jenkins told the court he was a poker pro and that £150,000 in deposits to his bank account was part of his winnings.

However, investigations by police showed that Jenkins wasn't a winner at the felt, estimating that he's visited various casinos and online sites over the last few years but only had minimal returns. Although the figures could be slightly out, investigators suggested that Jenkins had wagered £50,000 in the last few years and only shown a return of £1,670.

With his gambling career looking more like a front, the police linked Jenkins to a drugs operation responsible for ordering and distributing steroid across the world. Raids on Jenkins' property revealed a number of luxury items and various drugs paraphernalia.

"This was clearly a very substantial operation. Large quantities of steroids, some of them of a dangerous sort, were being ordered and sent all over the world," said Judge David Hale.

In defensive, Jenkins barrister, Bruce Stewart, said that his client understood that he was going to jail but argued that he was a small part of a much larger operation. The prosecution didn't appear to agree though and suggested Jenkins was a "board level" member.

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