Poker Player Gored by Bull

Poker Player Gored by Bull

Saturday, 3 January 2015

We've heard of poker played underwater, on the top of mountains and on fairground carousels but in a bull ring (and we don't mean Birmingham)?

A group of American players chose a rodeo ring for their New Year's Eve poker game complete with a large, and what turned out to be angry, bull reports

The aim of bull or cowboy poker is to be the last player sitting at the table to win the cash. In this instance, the added wrinkle was that the winning player had to grab hold of a joker which was attached to the bull's horn.

The bull wasn't impressed and gored Austin Bottcher as he went for the joker. The rodeo rider spent fours hours in hospital having his femur reconnected to his hip.

“I probably won’t do it again,” Bottcher told “I don’t regret doing it, but, yeah, I probably won’t be out there playing Bull Poker to tell you the truth.”

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