Poker Night: The Tour Coming Soon

Poker Night: The Tour Coming Soon

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The production team behind 'Poker Night in America' has announced details of a new TV show that 'promises to deliver more than just poker.'

Presented by Maria Ho and Live at the Bike commentator and Sky Sports NFL expert David Tuchman, 'Poker Night: The Tour' aims to give viewers a behind the scenes look at life on the circuit.

“After nearly a decade spent working in this industry, I can say the way most poker players live their lives off the felt still fascinates me,” said executive producer Dustin Iannotti. “Players sometimes win or lose the equivalent of a house at a poker table and then go hang out together. It’s bizarre. We need a show that focuses on bringing these characters and stories to life while the cameras are rolling. I think fans of poker on television are ready for the next generation of poker content.”

“Poker Night: The Tour” will focus on the lesser-known nuances of the poker world often overlooked by most poker-themed televised shows. Want to know which players hang out, where they go, and how big they gamble away from the felt? This new program will focus on the unique poker lifestyles away from the tables as much as action in the casino.”

The first episode will focus on the Turning Stone Resort and their Empire State Hold’em Championship event which starts 7 August.

“Poker is now a global sport,” said Anderson. “There’s every reason to think that ‘Poker Night: The Tour’ will travel well — both home and abroad.”

The series is expected to hit TV screens in early 2016.

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