Poker Meets Jersey Shore

Poker Meets Jersey Shore

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Poker documentaries can be both a blessing and a curse for the industry. On the one hand a well made piece that charts the true nature of the community can help raise the profile of the game in the eyes of the general population.

However, an ill-informed or cynically focused creation can often stunt the game’s progression and give the outsider the wrong impression of what poker is really like. Beyond these two types, however, are the ones that sit in the middle. Not quite real enough to be taken seriously yet bad enough that they are almost comical to those in the know.

This precarious platform is where the latest production from National Geographic, Inside Underground Poker, seems to sit. Shot in the style of fake-umentaries such as Jersey Shore, the show follows a sub-section of the New York poker scene.

A short clip has been released ahead of the main show which airs on National Geographic on December 2nd and it’s already generated a wave of comments (not necessarily positive) on the forums.

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