Poker Loser Arrested After Robbing Bank

Poker Loser Arrested After Robbing Bank

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A travelling poker player decided to replenish his bankroll in a less than legal way last week in Marysville, Washington.

According to a report by, a 22-year-old from Houston, Ben McClean, was taking a vacation in Marysville and decided to play some poker in a local casino.

Despite taking on the guise of a savvy Texas road gambler, the young player eventually lost his entire bankroll at the felt before leaving the casino in a rage. Down on his luck and unhappy with having to sleep on the street, McClean allegedly obtained a gun and visited the Homestreet Bank.

Entering the bank at 6:00pm, the Houston native is accused of pointing the gun at the teller and demanding as much money as she could stuff into a bank. Looking like something out of a Hollywood movie, the man then made off with $7,000 and hid in a nearby trailer park.

The police dogs were soon dispatched and after biting the suspect on the leg, the police were able to take him in for questioning. Once detained the man admitted to his crime and said he thought he "might as well give it a go".

After locking up McClean, police also began investigating his background and how he came to have $8,000 to play poker with in the first place. Some phone calls to other local police forces revealed that he's also in the frame for a previous robbery in Humble, Texas.

With the charges mounting up, it's likely McClean will spend a fair amount of time behind bars.

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