Poker Isn't a Sport

Poker Isn't a Sport

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The question of whether poker is a sport has plagued the game for a number of years, but thanks to a recent Reddit poll, we may have an answer to this question.

In an effort to classify a variety of "fringe" activities as "sport" or "not sport", one Reddit user asked members of the popular message board to rate whether 53 separate activities using the following criteria:

How institutionalised is the game.
How physically demanding is it.
Does it have a concrete set of rules.

After collating the 460 replies into a handy graph, poker was ranked last with only 11% of those surveyed calling it a sport.

Nestled behind games such as bowling, bocce ball (a game similar to boules) and competitive eating, poker as seen as the least "sporty" and, essentially, not a sport at all.

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