Poker Game Turns Violent

Poker Game Turns Violent

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A poker player in the UK has been given a three-year jail sentence for biting off a part of another man's ear following a row at a tournament.

According to a report from the Ipswich Star newspaper, Nicholas Salisbury admitted a charge of grievous bodily harm following the attack on Robert Reed, which took place in January at the Kirby Street Conservative Club in Ipswich.

The incident began after 27-year-old Salisbury, who reportedly had been drinking heavily, started swearing at a friend of Reed during a game. Reed intervened on his friend's behalf before declining an invitation from Salisbury for a fight outside the venue.

Reed was later set upon by Salisbury after going outside to enjoy a cigarette and had part of his ear bitten off after being punched and put into a headlock. The victim did not immediately realise the seriousness of the attack but later had the missing part of his ear re-attached at hospital.

“Unfortunately, when you have too much to drink you do behave aggressively,” said Judge Rupert Overbury.

“Your attack on Mr Reed was unprovoked and extremely violent. Every time he looks in the mirror he will be reminded of that evening.”

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