Playing Wasted Pays off in WCOOP Finale

Playing Wasted Pays off in WCOOP Finale

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

After two sessions and 39 hours of play this year's PokerStars $5,300 WCOOP Main Event has finally come to a conclusion thanks to a trio of German grinders.

Day 2 of the prestigious online tournament got under way last night with 296 just a few clicks away from the bubble and as the action developed a number of pros were looking towards the final table.

Indeed, the likes of Jason Mercier, Liv Boeree, Jake Cody and Vicky Coren were all in the mix during the opening levels of the session. Each of the aforementioned pros eventually made it into the money after Canada's "PureCash25" hit the rail in 244th place, just one spot short of a payout.

With the pre-bubble tension now a distant memory the once tentative field sprung into life and as players dropped like flies so too did Mercier et al. While Liv was able to make it as far as 52nd place and bank $26,662, it was Shane"Shaniac" Schleger who emerged as the top PokerStars pro.

After an impressive two days of poker the American managed to make it to the final table and after a spirited effort he eventually fell just short of the top five, leaving the event in sixth with a payout of $291,154.

With Shane watching from the rails it was time for a contingent of German's to take control of the action and by the time just three of them remained a deal was cut. After checking and re-checking the numbers it was "SwissCantMis" who secured a healthy portion of the prizepool, locking up $1,101,835 before hitting the rail in third.

Now down to two and with their financial security assured, "Allanon85" and "PlayinWasted" wasted little time trading chips for the title and an extra $160,000.

Pitched fairly evenly throughout it was "Allanon85" who looked to have the upper-hand, but a fortunate river for "PlayinWasted" midway through the match gave him a straight and command of the match.

A short while later and "Allanon85" was unable to regain his momentum and after falling short and moving all-in pre-flop with Kc Qs he found himself in trouble against the As Ks of "PlayinWasted".

An unhelpful 4s 2c Ts Jh Js brought the tournament to a close and sent the bracelet to "PlayinWasted" who also picked up an impressive $1,493,499 bankroll boost.

$5,300 WCOOP Main Event Final Result:

1st - "PlayinWasted" - $1,493,499
2nd - "Allanon85" - $1,415,238
3rd - "SwissCantMis" - $1,101,835
4th - "1M.BanKroLL" - $599,906
5th - "alexandrapau" - $426,600
6th - Shane "Shaniac" Schleger - $291,154

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