Players Sue Cops Over Seized Cash

Players Sue Cops Over Seized Cash

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Two poker players from California are suing the Iowa State Police after a pair of officers seized their bankroll.

William “Bart” Davis and John Newmer­zhycky were driving to a WSOP Circuit event inApril 2013 when the police asked them to pull over following a minor traffic infraction.

When quizzed by troopers about whether they had any drugs, guns or large amounts of cash in the car, the pair replied no. During a subsequent search, officers discovered $102,000 which they seized.

After a lengthy legal battle, the pair were reunited with $90,000 of their bankroll. Now they're after the remaining $10,000 as well as damages.

"There is absolutely nothing illegal or uncommon about people driving through the United States with out-of-state plates ... and carrying amounts of cash," Glen Downey, the attorney representing the poker players told USAToday. "There's nothing illegal about carrying cash, and yet law enforcement begins to treat individuals who are carrying cash as if they are criminals."

The state patrol unit that arrested Davis and Newmerzhycky usually targets drug traffikers and other criminals who travel between states.

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