Player Accidently Wins Bracelet

Player Accidently Wins Bracelet

Monday, 15 June 2015

Clicking the wrong button and anteing up in a tournament you didn't intend to is easy online, but doing something similar at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a little tougher. However, that's exactly the mistake Christian Pham made late last week when he sat down in a $1,500 2-7 Single Draw event instead of a Hold'em tournament.

Fortunately, all's well that ends well and for Pham it ended very well as he managed to defy the odds (and his lack of experience in the game) and win his first WSOP bracelet. Despite admitting that he'd have unregistered for the event if they'd have let him, Pham went on to cruise through the field using a mixture of advice from his tablemates and his own knowledge of Hold'em.

Eventually, after making his way past a glut of players with more experience than he had, Pham found himself heads-up with Daniel Ospina. With his opponent holding nine previous cashes at the WSOP, Pham didn't look to be in the best of spots. However, as the cards began to fly and lady luck let out a smile, Pham was able to take control of the match.

Finally, after whittling Ospina down to just a few chips, Pham sealed the deal jack-eight low which was more than enough to beat his opponent's king-six low. After completing one of the most unlikely victories of career (and emulating a feat Matt Perrins achieved in 2011), a stunned Pham admitted that he got through with a lot of luck, but he will now be taking the game a lot more seriously.

WSOP Event #23 Result

1. Christian Pham - $81,314
2. Daniel Ospina - $50,260
3. Matthew Smith - $33,163
4. Andrey Zhigalov - $22,634
5. Huck Seed - $15,852
6. Aleksandr Denisov - $11,385
7. Mike Leah - $8,381

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