Play the World Series of Poker at Harrah’s for play-money

Play the World Series of Poker at Harrah’s for play-money

Monday, 9 August 2010

Every poker player wants to be sitting in a Harrah’s casino with a bastion of chips before them, staring down opponents across the felt at the World Series of Poker in a bid to turn $10,000 into a lifetime of poker fame.

Of course, most people are obstructed by the $10,000 price tag – that’s still the better part of seven thousand pounds until the exchange rate drops enough for a fiver to buy you in.

Last week, though, Harrah’s offered hope to the impoverished in USA Today in the form of an advert for a totally free play-money WSOP client.

The site currently hosts play-chip games but WSOP bigwig (Communications Director) Seth Palansky says that big prizes in future are not out of the question: “This was the next logical step for us,” said Palansky. “We’ve seen a very good response, with a lot of folks downloading the game.”

The World Series of Poker online room is available in association with Dragonfish and 888.

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