Planned $100m Macau tourney a “publicity grab”

Planned $100m Macau tourney a “publicity grab”

Friday, 2 December 2011

We hate to burst your bubble but in a post on Two Plus Two, Macau insider Tom Hall burst ours. Hall, who brought us original news of the big cash game from Macau, said that the $100m guaranteed tournament rumours seemed “utter garbage”.

“Nobody sensible I know in Macau knows anything about it,” Hall wrote on the forums. “None of the casinos, poker room managers, big game players, junket room operators or media guys has heard anything credible.

“You also have to get any poker event approved … gambling on TV is highly restricted in China and promotion of gaming generally frowned upon … why would Chinese institutions support it?

Seems pretty cut and dried. The ISPT will still be the largest poker tournament ever – if that goes ahead.

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