Piva’s Perfect IPT Performance

Piva’s Perfect IPT Performance

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Another PokerStars live event came to a conclusion earlier this week and when the chips had fallen a new IPT champion stood alone in the spotlight

Kicking off late last week, the Italian Poker Tour’s Main Event in San Remo saw 245 players take to the felt for a projected prizepool of more than €100,000.

Despite the field consisting of mainly local talent, it was a Frenchman, Arslane Belabdelouahab, who looked the most likely to win the €2,200 event in the final stages.

Indeed, after grinding his way past the likes of Pawel Brzeski, Alessandro Longobardi and Marcin Wydrowski, it looked as though Belabdelouahab had a shot at the title.

However, as the tournament progressed and the field thinned it was Italian native Fabrizio Piva who started to shine. After the final few had fallen and only Belabdelouahab remained, Piva was happy to cut a deal with his fellow survivor.

Having agreed to lock up a slightly reduced top prize and give his opponent an extra €14,000, Piva proceeded to take down the tournament. The final hand saw a string of betting and calling on as the board rolled out: Qc Jd 9c Kh 9d.

Once the betting had finished and the cards were revealed it was Piva’s Ad Qd that was strong enough to take the pot away from Belabdelouahab’s Ac 4c. With the tournament was brought to a conclusion and Piva was able to smile for the cameras as he collected the largest payout of his poker career thus far.

IPT San Remo Final Result:

1. Fabrizio Piva € 121,000
2. Arslane Belabdelouahab € 89,600
3. Alessandro Ferrari € 44,200
4. Marcin Wydrowski € 34,000
5. Luigi Pignataro € 27,700
6. Alessandro Longobardi € 22,000
7. Gianluca Speranza € 16,700
8. Pawel Brzeski € 12,440

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