Pieter de Korver wins EPT Grand Final

Pieter de Korver wins EPT Grand Final

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Team Poker Stars pro Pieter de Korver outlasted a field of 935 players to take home the first prize of €2.3m and the title of EPT Grand Final champion. An early elimination from the final table looked likely for the Dutchman who at one stage was down to just three big blinds. The old saying of only needing a chip and chair proved true for de Korver as he tripled up with Q4 and never looked back.

De Korver sealed the win by beating American qualifier Matthew Woodward heads up. The eventual winner checked on a flop of 5-10-6, all hearts. Woodward bet out for 700,000 and de Korver reraised all in. Woodward called holding 6d-4h for middle pair and a flush draw. De Korver revealed 6s-9s for middle pair but a better kicker. The turn and river Qs and 7s improved neither player and gave the Dutchman the title.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1. Pieter de Korver (Holland) €2,300,000
2. Matthew Woodward (USA) €1,300,000
3. Mikhail Tulchinskiy (Russia) €800,000
4. Dag Martin Mikkelsen (Norway) €600,000
5. Eric Qu (France) €470,000
6. Alem Shah (Germany) €350,000
7. Daniel Zink (Germany) €250,000
8. Peter Traply (Hungary) €170,000

A delighted de Korver said "I was loving the atmosphere and enjoying playing cards. I had a little bit of luck and I won. That's the best part of poker." The 26-year-old is the second player from The Netherlands to win the EPT Grand Final, following in the footsteps of Rob Hollink who won the title in 2005.

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