Piece of Cake for Lock Poker

Piece of Cake for Lock Poker

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lock Poker has announced plans to purchase assets from the Cake Network and rebrand the network as Revolution Gaming.

Rumours about a potential deal were circulating widely over the weekend and Lock confirmed the deal yesterday. “Lock is in the process of acquiring assets from Cake and will be re-branding the Cake Network to launch Revolution Gaming, driving technology, marketing, player rewards and implementing a richer tournament schedule.” read a statement from the site.

In a separate statement, Cake said the deal “will offer all of its partners and players, including increased player rewards, a richer tournament schedule and new product features.” and allow it “to focus efforts on its current European, South American and Asian business”.

Precise details of what players can expect from Revolution Gaming remain unclear but the move will take place on 31 May in the form of a software update.

“Merge was a great stepping stone for us but we have outgrown it,” said Jennifer Larson, Chief Executive Officer for Lock Poker. “We really need to forge our own path to continued success. The only way to do this is to stay true to our of core philosophy of partnering with our players. Get ready for the exciting new times ahead as we continue to drive the new era where the player reigns.”

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