Pick Your UKIPT Heroes With Stakes&Ladders

Pick Your UKIPT Heroes With Stakes&Ladders

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Can’t make UKIPT Nottingham? Join the club (sob). Whether it’s because you can’t quite stump up the princely sum of £1,100, or you simply can’t get time off work, find a new way to enjoy the action vicariously with www.stakesandladders.com.

Everyone knows that standing on the sidelines of tournaments is boring unless you’ve got something to sweat. Stakes and Ladders is a new pool betting venture, sort of along the lines of a fantasy league – to enter, you simply pick an event (they cover a wide variety of sports, but we focused on poker), join a pool based on how much you want to bet (a wallet-friendly sum of either £1, £5, or £25), and choose your predictions. Bingo bango, Bob’s your uncle.

You get a free £5 upon registration, so we had a crack at the UKIPT Nottingham pool, and after much deliberation, we’ve picked a Bluff Europe dream team we are confident will go deep and bag us some cash. To play, you must choose a player that you’ve picked for success from each of seven categories: Local Talent, Live Legends, Online Superstars, Leading Ladies, Old School Pros, Dangermen, and Moves Like Jagger (we don’t really know what that last one means either, but by golly, we like the sound of it).

Points are scored as follows:

Winner: 75 points
Final Table: 40 points
Last Two Tables: 20 points
In the Money: 15 points
Making Day 3: 10 points
Making Day 2: 5 points

You can enter (and if you want to, edit your picks) up until the start time of the event. Day 1A of UKIPT Nottingham starts Wednesday May 7 at 1pm, so there’s definitely no time to waste – register now to claim your free £5 and have a go.

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