Phil Laak wins Heat I of PartyPoker Premier League

Phil Laak wins Heat I of PartyPoker Premier League

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Daniel Negreanu, Ian Frazer, Luke Schwartz, Roland De Wolfe, Vanessa Rousso, JC Tran and Yevgeniy Timoshenko – not just a Who’s Who of poker but a list of those Phil Laak defeated to win the first heat of the PartyPoker Premier League IV.

Laak undeniably got very lucky, often sucking out in big pots and flopping more sets than I’ve had hot dinners, but that doesn’t matter. He wins $32,000 and picks up an impressive 16 points in the league.

Laak got heads-up with defending champion JC Tran, who raised with Ac-5s on the button. Laak 3-bet for all his stack with Ks-7s. Tran called with his ace and the two players went to the deciding board.

The Qh-7h-2c flop saw Tran drawing slim, hoping for running straight outs or a second ace. The 9h turn left him down to two outs and the blank 4c on the river sealed the deal. PartyPoker Premier League III winner Tran earned 11 points and $22,000 for his efforts.

The second heat starts today at noon local time.

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