Phil Ivey's Tweet from Floyd Mayweather

Phil Ivey's Tweet from Floyd Mayweather

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

We all know Phil Ivey is a heavyweight in the poker community, but a recent tweet from Floyd Mayweather suggests that he's just as much of a contender in the wider world.

Although it's not clear whether Mayweather is a fan of Ivey or poker, he (a member of his team) recently took a moment to tweet about the high stakes hero's website:

Instructing his 5.6 million followers to click a link if they wanted to "play poker like Ivey", the tweet certainly proved the Ivey has some friends in high places.

It's been well documented that Ivey has a stake in the boxing world through his management company, All-In Entertainment, it now seems that affiliation is coming back around to help the poker pro.

With his collection of products set to re-launch under a new guise later this year (some suspect he will open a regulated poker site), Ivey appears to be pulling in as many favours from his high profile friends as possible.

Indeed, although he has almost 1 million followers of his own, a few tweets from the world's best known boxer could certainly help Ivey attract a whole new demographic to both his site and the poker community at large.

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