Phil Ivey's New Stake in Boxing

Phil Ivey's New Stake in Boxing

Monday, 10 March 2014

We all know Phil Ivey is a master at spotting value and maximising his EV regardless of the situation and he proved those skills recently when he announced he was investing in unbeaten boxer Dusty Hernandez-Harrison.

The welterweight boxing star is currently lighting up the US circuit and ahead of his latest bout (which took place on Friday night), Ivey and his business partner, Jeff Fried, announced their stakes in the teenage talent.

Alongside Fried it seems Ivey is now using some of his bankroll to promote and support a number of high profile sportsmen and entertainment personalities through his agency: All In Entertainment.

Also part of the project is NBA baller Monta Ellis and currently on the company's books is a list of luminaries that includes: Andre Ward (boxer), Isaiah Thomas (NBA Hall of Famer) and US broadcaster James Brown.

Obviously Ivey's latest investment, Hernandez-Harrison paid off as the rising star managed to maintain his unbeaten record on Friday with an easy decision win over Michael Balasi.

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