Phil Ivey rejects Hellmuth’s “impossible” claims

Phil Ivey rejects Hellmuth’s “impossible” claims

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Yesterday, we reported that Phil Hellmuth described Ivey’s quest to equal or better his bracelet record as “impossible”. Now, Ivey isn’t usually the kind of guy who feels the need to get himself out there in the media but he has done just that in response to Hellmuth’s interview.

Hellmuth was asked about whether or not he fancied Ivey’s chances to match or surpass his eleven-bracelet total in the next five years, which would require Ivey to win at least three more bracelets. The 11-time bracelet winner said: “Ivey won't pass me in five years. That's impossible... I shouldn't say it’s impossible, I don't think it'll happen.”

In a follow-up interview on Jesse May’s PartyPoker sponsored The Poker Show, Ivey said: “Impossible? I don’t really like the word impossible. I think it’s very possible. It’s very likely.”

Hellmuth currently has eleven bracelets, all in fixed- or no-limit Hold ‘em events. Ivey has eight, all within the last eight years and in pretty much every form of poker bar Hold ‘em. Certainly Ivey is the favourite to win bracelets given the huge field in NL events.

“Unless he wins a couple [of WSOP bracelets] in the next five years, I guess he plans on doing that,” said Ivey. I'm probably a small underdog to tie him....I'm probably five-to-one, six-to-one dog or so."
You can’t be serious, Ivey. If so we’ll bet our next month’s budget on it. Maybe.

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