Phil Ivey loses $2m on the Colts at Super Bowl XLIV?

Phil Ivey loses $2m on the Colts at Super Bowl XLIV?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Super Bowl is the largest gambling event in the US calendar. In 2006, $94,500,000 was wagered. Think about that, then look at the headline of this article. Phil Ivey is a significant percentage of the gambling of the United States of America. How insane is that?

Seriously, though, he lost a lot. Rumours state that he placed a huge $2,000,000 bet on the Indianapolis Colts, the way most of the money was going. However, the New Orleans Saints scored a decisive 31-17 win, losing a lot of people a lot of money. Phil Ivey in particular.

The sportsbook manager at the MGM Grande where the bet was supposedly placed, Jay Rood, simply stated a “seven-figure bet” was taken.

Doyle Brunson's NFL predictions fared somewhat better than Ivey's though. The New Orleans win saw Texas Dolly celebrate a $150,000 pay day.

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