Phil Ivey Wins Aussie Millions $250k Challenge

Phil Ivey Wins Aussie Millions $250k Challenge

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Phil Ivey, the man people believed could be broke, has defied the critics once again by winning the Aussie Millions $250,000 Challenge.

After starting the final day of the star-studded event as one of the smaller stacks in the room, Ivey put on an impressive display to overcome a tough final table which included the likes of Tom 'durrrr' Dwan, Mike McDonald and Daniel Negreanu.

Indeed, after Erik Seidel became the unfortunate bubble boy (he missed out on at least $500,000), Ivey was able to watch as Fabian Quoss disposed with Dwan before falling himself in fifth. At this point Ivey had chipped up and put himself in contention as Negreanu hit the rail in fourth.

With three players now left Ivey took control of proceedings, seeing off McDonald before clawing back Isaac Haxton's chip lead. The two accomplished players engaged in some high level plays before a zoned in Ivey gradually outmuscled the younger Haxton.

The final hand saw Ivey limp in from the button with Ad 6c and prompt an all-in from Haxton with 8s 7d. After asking for a count Ivey made the call and, as the board rolled out Ad Kd 9c 7s 3s, he found the remainder of Haxton's chips pushed his way as well as his largest ever tournament prize: $4 million.

The close of the $250,000 Challenge saw the end of another successful Aussie Millions until next year.

Aussie Millions $250,000 Challenge Result:

1 Phil Ivey - $4,000,000
2 Isaac Haxton - $2,820,000
3 Mike McDonald - $1,900,000
4 Daniel Negreanu - $1,250,000
5 Fabian Quoss - $800,000
6 Tom Dwan - $500,000

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