Phil Ivey Appears on ESPN Magazine Cover

Phil Ivey Appears on ESPN Magazine Cover

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Phil Ivey is the latest sporting legend to grace the cover of ESPN: The Magazine, which typically covers American football, basketball, baseball and for some bizarre reason college sports.

Ivey is featured in a piece entitled 4 Days, 3 Nights, $1 Million by Chad Millman, who followed Ivey and his entourage around various casinos from Vegas to Amsterdam as he gambled it up on the craps tables.

The article features a disappointing lack of poker but is an excellent read, detailing some other aspects of Ivey’s life besides playing craps – in a private table, no less. For example, did you know he drives an SLR McLaren and a Rolls Royce Phantom worth nearly $1m between them? That he lives on a golf course? That he put his sister through law school?

ESPN: The Magazine can be shipped to the UK from the ESPN website.

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