Phil Hellmuth releases poker odds calculator app

Phil Hellmuth releases poker odds calculator app

Monday, 3 October 2011

He’s got books, he’s got beer, he even reportedly rides giant hot dogs across the water. Now, he’s got an app. Phil Hellmuth has released a new downloadable phone app – the Phil Hellmuth Poker Calculator, available for $1.99 on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

As well as the pot odds calculator, the app also features several tournament poker tips from the man himself. Each, naturally, accompanied by a different photo of the Poker Brat. A link to the Poker Zen Hellmuth clothing store also means you can buy all the hockey shirts and PH caps you want from the comfort of your phone.

If you know the ol’ outs-times-two-plus-two trick and have a decent idea of ranges then this probably won’t do you much good but the budding poker player will enjoy it and no doubt learn something. Plus, it puts Phil Hellmuth one step closer to taking over the world, which is what we all know he is gunning for.

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