Phil Galfond on Viktor Blom

Phil Galfond on Viktor Blom

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

If Phil Galfond ever gets tired of winning millions of dollars at the poker tables then he should consider a career as a writer. MrSweets28's blog is one of the best written and consistently entertaining around and his latest piece on Viktor Blom is no exception.

Entitled The Man, The Myth, The Legend , Galfond assesses Blom the high stakes poker player and Blom the man. Having played thousands of hands against the Swede, Galfond is as well placed as anyone to offer an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of Isildur1's game but what really shines is his assessment of Blom as a person.

The pair got to know each other fairly well during the WSOP and according to Galfond, what really stands out is Blom's 'pure love of the game' and that 'he genuinely doesn't care about the money'.

Galfond magnanimously describes Blom as having 'more raw poker talent' than he does, adding “He impresses me on every level- Not only his game, but his competitive drive, his love of poker, and his refreshingly happy disposition. Frankly, I’m a legit Viktor Blom fan. You just have to respect someone who has his money from poker but plays the toughest games and highest stakes available for fun.”

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