Petition to ban Lederer from Aria

Petition to ban Lederer from Aria

Friday, 16 November 2012

A few weeks ago Howard Lederer decided the time was right to reappear on the poker scene and start grinding the high stakes games at both the Aria and the Bellagio.

The move certainly didn’t sit well with many of the casino’s regulars, nor the poker community at large, so much so that a series of alleged death threats were reported to the Aria.

Having taken a step back from the limelight once again recently, Aria grinder Nick DiVella has decided to take the initiative and push for Howard to be banned from the Aria, as well as the Bellagio and beyond.

The cash game player has created a petition for people to sign and in a short space of time he’d already garnered support from 50 players.

Following the petition Nick spoke with members of the Aria’s staff and while they stressed they must remain neutral on the subject for now, they are going to take the matter to the upper echelons and see what can be done.

The move is certainly an unprecedented one but Nick hopes it can start a trend of player power being able to blacklist players who aren’t good for the game.

Quite how much influence Nick’s petition will have in the short-term is unknown but it will certainly add to the ever-growing wave of pressure that’s crashing down on Mr. Lederer.

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